Dark War

Dark War

Welcome to the world of adrenaline, magic and the fight against evil! an exciting role-playing game with a view from above, the action of which takes place in modern reality. In this game, you will be embodied in the role of a brave exorcist of an ancient order who devoted his life to fighting the forces of evil.

Game Features: ???? Diverse Weapons: Your fighting skills include not only swords, but also firearms. You also have magical abilities.

Your task is to clear the city and return it to civilians.Explore huge locations.

???? Destroy the main bosses: epic battles with powerful demonic bosses are waiting for you. Develop a strategy and use your unique abilities to defeat evil.

Multi-faceted gameplay: Switch between weapons, magic and sword to overcome various challenges and adapt to the situation.

???? Character Leveling: Upgrade your hero's skills and ammunition to become a true master of exorcism.

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