Penalty Challenge

Penalty Challenge

The most thrilling Penalty Kick game ever, featuring the strongest teams in Europe and a super leaderboard to climb!

Are you more of an outstanding striker or a skilled goalkeeper?
Find out your talent by playing both roles!

Show off your football skills and challenge the artificial intelligence to the last goal!
Or take on real players connected from all over the world.

Your goal? Accumulate experience points to climb the global leaderboard.

It's not easy to stay calm and focused amid the stadium smoke and the cheering crowd: do you think you can handle it?

Your personal stats will show your gameplay progress in real time.

Before the match, you can choose to be a male or female footballer and select your favorite team from the strongest clubs in the 5 European leagues, or one of the European national teams.

Do you feel ready to test yourself in a high-level competition?!


- Select your language from the 13 available
- Turn on the sound and get carried away by the energy of the music
- Choose between a male footballer or a female footballer
- Select a team from the main European leagues or a European national team
- Challenge the AI or a real player
- Compete against your friends or users connected from around the world
- View your position in the global leaderboard
- Check the overall, monthly, or daily leaderboard
- View your gameplay statistics

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